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Webb Classic 33cm (13") Electric Rotary Lawnmower

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Product Specification

Collection Capacity
35 Litre
Cutting Systems
Rear Discharge
Cutting Width
33cm (13")
Drive Type
Hand Push
Handle Type

Product Details

From British brand Webb’s superior ‘Classic’ range, this powerful 1300w electric rotary-mower will take thick growth in its stride and will prove a practical and convenient way to keep a less substantial lawn looking great!

Its lightweight, push-type design and compact dimensions ensure it can be manoeuvred around and between obstacles with the utmost ease; while its lengthy 10m power-cord means you’ll likely be able to get the job done without resorting to extensions.

The Webb WEER33 ‘Classic’ Electric Rotary-Mower combines an adjustable cutting-height (25-65mm) with both bagging and rear-discharge capabilities, so it can be set-up to suit the conditions you’re confronted with on any given day (height-selection is via only one lever).

It’s fitted with a collapsible handlebar that works with its compact design to make it simple to store and transport; and it comes with a spacious 35-litre collection-bag that keeps downtime to a minimum.

Also featured is a carry-handle for hassle-free site to site movement; a polypropylene chassis for weight-reduction and corrosion resistance; and a ‘bag full’ indicator to help prevent overfilling.



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