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Webb 45cm (18") ‘Contact Free’ Sidewheel Lawnmower

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Product Specification

Collection Capacity
22 Litre
Cutting Systems
Cutting Width
46cm (18")
Drive Type
Hand Push
Handle Type
Hand Push

Product Details

Add the British-designed Webb WEH18 to your garden-armoury and enjoy the sort of super-neat finish you can only get from a classic cylinder-mower!

It’s a straightforward hand-push machine with no restrictive mains-cable and no noisy, hassle-heavy engine to fuel-up and maintain, so operating it is simplicity itself. And, of course, it won’t annoy your neighbours!

One of the the most productive machines of its type on the market, the 46cm (18in) Webb WEH18 Side-Wheel Hand Mower is suitable for more substantial domestic lawns.

Its stripe-producing rear-roller is split down the middle so as to optimise manoeuvrability; while its capacious 22-litre grass-catcher eliminates the need for raking-up and works to lessen the frequency of emptying-breaks.

The Webb WEH18’s contactless design, whereby the blades chop through the grass without touching, ensures smooth, low-noise performance and minimises wear on the cutting-cylinder.

Height-of-cut adjustment requires no tools; and cylinder-adjustment is quick and easy.

This eco-friendly model is finished in attractive British racing-green and is accompanied by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.



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