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Webb 30cm (12") Roller Hand Lawnmower

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Product Specification

Collection Capacity
18 Litre
Cutting Systems
Cutting Width
30cm (12")
Drive Type
Hand Push
Handle Type
Hand Push

Product Details

Compact, cable-free and with no engine or motor, the UK-designed Webb WEH12R Hand Cylinder-Mower will prove a fantastic purchase for the environmentally-conscious gardener maintaining a small lawn in an area where noise might be an issue.

The Webb WEH12R comes fitted with a five-bladed hardened-steel cylinder that chops the grass with a scissor-like cutting-action - you’ll be able to create a neat, close-cropped finish with none of the bruising, discolouration or scalping that can occur with a less precise rotary cutting-system. Chain driven from the rear roller to the cutting cylinder.

Designed with Webb’s usual careful attention to durability, the WEH12R is built around a rugged steel/alloy deck a combines a robust chain-drive with a hardwearing zinc-plated front-roller.

A rear-mounted roller will leave your lawn with a pleasing striped effect; while Webb’s provision of a grass-collector means no more post-mowing raking.

This model is finished in Webb’s classic British racing-green livery and boasts no-tools cylinder-adjustment.

The minimum cutting-height is an extra-low 13mm.



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