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Sony WI-C600N

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Full Specifications & Features




(incl. VAT)

Full Specifications & Features

Full Specifications & Features



(incl. VAT)

Size & Weight

Approx. 34 g (main unit approx. 27 g)

General Features

Headphone Type
Closed Dynamic
Driver Unit
6mm (Dome Type)
Frequency Response(Bluetooth® Communication)
20Hz - 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling)
Volume Control
Wearing Style

Bluetooth® Specification

Bluetooth® version
Effective Range
Line of sight approx.30ft (10m)
Frequency Range
2.4GHz band (2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz)
Supported Audio Format(s)
SBC, AAC, aptX
Supported Content Protection

Noise Cancelling

Noise Canceling ON/OFF Switch
Automatic AI Noise Cancelling
Ambient Sound Mode

Colour Options

blue silver black

What's In The Box

  • USB Cable: Type-C™ (approx. 20 cm)
  • Earbuds: Long Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds(SS/S/M/L)


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Digital noise cancelling made for travelling

Hear nothing but your music with One Push Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling (AINC), which adjusts to your environment so you can eliminate unwanted noise as you travel. Just press and hold the NC button on your WI-C600N headphones to activate it.

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Wireless BLUETOOTH® streaming with NFC™ One-touch pairing

Near Field Communication (NFC™) technology makes complex set-up sequences a thing of the past. Simply touch selected NFC™-enabled devices to the on-body N-mark for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming content via Bluetooth® wireless technology. No NFC™? No problem. You can still manually connect using your device’s settings menu.

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Ambient Sound Mode to hear essential sounds

When you’re on the move, Ambient Sound control fine tunes your listening to your surroundings. Set it to focus on Voice, for train announcements and conversation, or Normal to pick up traffic and other essential sounds so you can stay aware.

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Equaliser for the sound you prefer

Find your perfect sound and tone for every type of song from the presets, or easily customise the levels with the Sony | Headphones Connect APP.

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Small, but perfectly clear

Compact 6mm drivers keep the earphones small, for a comfortable fit, while still delivering great overall sound.

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DSEE restores detail to your digital music

Boost the quality of your compressed music files. When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to your favourite tracks. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce a high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording.

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Be smarter with Voice Assistant

Manage your day, just by asking your assistant . Enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to music and notifications, set reminders, and more .

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Hands-free calling

Conversation flows freely with easy, hands-free calling. Leave your phone where it is, just speak with a click.

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6.5hr battery life on full charge, 1h battery life on Quick Charging

Stay deep in your playlist, journey after journey, with up to 6.5 hours of non-stop music. Plus Quick Charging gives you 60 mins of playback from 15 minutes of charge.

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Silicon neckband for all-day wear and easy carrying

Keep listening in comfort with the behind-the-neck design made from comfortable silicon that’s easy to store in your bag.

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Magnetic earbuds for tidy stowaway

When you’re done listening, the magnetic ear-buds help avoid tangles.


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