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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

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Item Value
Release year 2019 [x]
Weight 0.045kg [x]
HDMI form factor Micro [x]
GPIO layout 40 pin [x]
Ethernet speed 1000Mbit/s [x]
SD card form factor MicroSD [x]
Price at launch $35 [x]
Number of HDMI ports 2 [x]
LCD panel Yes [x]
SPI? Yes [x]
Ethernet? Yes [x]
I2C? Yes [x]
HDMI? Yes [x]
Camera? Yes [x]
Analogue audio output 3.5mm composite [x]
CPU Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit [x]
CPU architecture 64bit [x]
CPU clock speed 1.5GHz [x]
Number of cores 4 [x]
SOC Broadcom BCM2711 [x]
Number of USB ports 5 [x] [source]
Number of USB 2.0 ports 2 [x]
Number of USB 3.0 ports 2 [x]
Number of USB A ports 4 [x]
Number of USB C ports 1 [x]
USB ports form factor A [x] / C [x]
Wi-Fi? Yes [x]
BLE? Yes [x]
Bluetooth? Yes [x]
Bluetooth version 5 [x]
Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac [x] / 802.11g [x] / 802.11b [x] / 802.11n [x]
Graphics VideoCore VI [x]
Analogue video output 3.5mm composite [x]
Graphics FPS 60FPS [x]
Graphics resolution 2160p [x]
Number of graphics outputs 2 [x]
Power interface USB-C [x]
Power draw at idle 3.4W [x] [source]
Power draw under load 7.6W [x] [source]
Power over ethernet? Yes [x]
Power recommendation 3A [x]
Depth 1.7cm [x]
Height 8.5cm [x]
Width 5.6cm [x]
RAM 8GB [x] / 4GB [x] / 2GB [x] / 1GB [x]

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