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Potensic D85

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130° Wide Angle Lens

Records breathtaking panoramic views with the 130° wide angle lens.

High Capacity Battery

Fly for approximately 20 minutes on a fully charged 2800 mAh Lithium battery.

Brushless Motor

Achieve faster and quieter flights with 1500Kv brushless motors.

Lost Signal Auto Return

If the remote control signal is repeatedly interrupted, the D85 Drone will automatically return and, if the GPS signal returns, use One Key to fly it back.

Low Power Auto Return

In the case of low battery, the D85's rear LED flash red and the transmitter emits a beeping sound, causing the drone to return.

5G WiFi FPV Real Time Transmission

Capture seamless aerial footage via the remote control and 5G WiFi, whilst enjoying it in real-time on your smartphone's screen.

High Speed Flight

Bring fast and furious flight to life with a maximum flying speed of up to 50km/h.

Safer, Faster Charging

Get back in the skies faster by charging safely and quickly using the D85's included charger.

Action Camera Compatible

Photograph picture-perfect panoramics or awe-inspiring selfies using the Potensic D85 Drone's 2K HD camera with 130° FOV.


The maximum flying distance depends on the flight environment and the performance of your smartphone.


  • Weight: 525 g
  • Flight time: 20 min Max
  • Wi-Fi Distance: 5G 800 m Max
  • Remote distance: 1500 m Max
  • Camera: Lens 130°
  • Recording Modes: 2K (SD Card)

Drone GPS,Auto Return Home with 2K HD Camera 5G FPV Live Video, Potensic D85

130° Wide Angle Lens

The 130° wide angle lens has a short focal length and large view, capturing a wide area of scenery within a short shooting distance.

20min Battery

Plug-in 2800mAh lithium battery. After full charged, it will provide about 20 minutes flying time.

Brushless Motor

1500KV long-lasting brushless motor gives you a quiet and powerful flight performance.

Lost Control Return

If the remote control signal interrupts for few time, the flight controlling system will automatically control the aircraft to return. Coming with one key return .

Alarm GPS Return

When the aircraft's rear LED flash in red light slowly and the LCD screen shows low battery, your transmitter will sound "di di di" , rc quadcopter will auto return.

5G WiFi 2K FPV

Aerial shooting mode is remotely controlled through 5G WiFi. It brings more excitement to you. Enjoy the 2K HD View!

High Speed- 50KM/H

The drone's maximum speed can up to 50km/h .

Enjoy your fast and furious in the sky!

Balance Charger

Relatively shorter charging time; Accurate balance of battery voltage; Safe charging process.

Action camera is Compatible here.

Potensic drone with 2K camera,along with 130° FOV gives you a panoramic and smooth FPV view for taking photo and recording your inspiring moment-ideal selfie drone. It can be suit to other camera.


1.Max distance: Depends on the flight environment and the performance of your smart phone.

2.Recommend TF card: 4-32GB,CLASS10 .

3.5G WIFI: Must use with the phone that support 5G WiFi Band.


  • Weight:525g
  • Flight time: 20M Max
  • Wi-Fi Distance:5G 300-500M;800M Max
  • Remote distance: 1000-1500M Max
  • Camera: Lens 130°
  • Recording Modes:2K HD


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