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Logitech 4K Pro Magnetic

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Item Value
Resolution class 4K (Horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels) [x]

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Product Information
Component Model Number (M/N) Location
Webcam V-U0040 Bottom of webcam

Product Dimensions
Component Height Width Depth Weight
Webcam 27 mm 101 mm 35 mm 90.2 g
Mount 7.5 mm 88 mm 22mm 27 g

Webcams and Security Specifications
Connection Type USB 3.1 Type C
Indicator Lights (LED) White
Microphone Two omnidirectional noise-canceling microphones
Recording 4k (DCI Native), 4k UHD (16:9),1440p, 1080p30fps, 1080p60fps, 720p60fps, 720p30fps
Mountable Yes
Buttons / Switch None
Lens and Sensor Type 4K sensor / glass lens
Focus Type Auto-focus
Diagonal Field of View (FOV) 90 degree, adjustable to 78 or 65
Horizontal Field of View (FOV) 82.1 degree, adjustable to 70.42
Vertical Field of View (FOV) 52.2 degree, adjustable to 43.3
Sensor Resolution 4K
Frame Rate (max) 4K (up to 4096 x 2160 px @ 30 fps)
1080p (up to 1920 x 1080 px @ 30 or 60 fps)
720p (up to 1280 x 720 px @ 30, 60, or 90 fps)
Zoom 5x digital zoom in Full HD
Night Vision No
UVC Support Yes
Cables Included 3.5 foot (106.7 cm) USB 3.1 with 90° USB-C to 90° USB-C connectors
6 foot (182.9 cm) USB 3.1 with 90° USB-C to 90° USB-C connectors
Microphone Type Omni-directional
Right Light RightLight3 with HDR
Mounting Option Magnetic Mount for Apple Pro Display XDR


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