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Krups Evidence Metal Smart

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Power 1450  W
Quantity customization YES
Pressure 15
Coffee grinder Metal conical burr grinder
Coffee bean container capacity 260  g
Water tank capacity 2.3  L
Removable water tank
Empty water tank detection system
Used coffee ground collector capacity 10
Patented compact Thermoblock system (CTS)
Number of recipes 15
One-Touch-Cappuccino function
Milk system One-Touch-Cappuccino
Recipes Espresso, double espresso coffee, double coffee cappuccino, double cappuccino macchiato, double macchiato Green tea, black tea, herbal tea ristretto Frothed milk Doppio Americano
Number of black cup at the same time, cycles 2
Number of white cup at the same time, cycles 2
Variable volume brewing unit 6 to 9  g
Variable amount of water in cup
Adjustment of the fineness of coffee grinding Manual (3 levels)
Number of temperature levels 3
Pre-set coffee strengths 3
Adjustment of coffee temperature 3
Automatic double grinding cycle for large coffees (220ml)
Max distance coffee nozzle - drip tray 15.8  cm
Height adjustable coffee outlet
Steam function
Hot water function
Scaling detection AUTOMATIC
Rinsing program AUTOMATIC
Rinsing program for milk system AUTOMATIC
Cleaning programm AUTOMATIC
Cleaning Programm for milk system AUTOMATIC
Descaling reminder AUTOMATIC
Aqua filter system
Programmable Auto off
Removable drip tray
Welcome kit YES
Languages 19
On/Off Switch
Programmable Auto on
Energy saving mode
Colours METAL and black


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