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Model Brand Release year Battery capacity (Wh) Length (cm) Weight (kg) Colour Maximum flying height (m) Maximum working altitude (m) Battery charge (Ah) Takeoff weight (g) Battery weight (g) Charging time (min) Maximum pitch velocity (°/s) Width (cm) Maximum yaw velocity (°/s) Height (cm) Maximum video bitrate Maximum horizontal speed (km/h) Maximum focal length (mm) Depth (cm) Maximum operating temperature (°C) Maximum flight time (min) Maximum tilt angle (°) Flying time (min) Minimum focal length (mm) Folded length (cm) Resolution (MP) Minimum recommended age (y) Voltage (V) Gyro axes Folded height (cm) Folded width (cm) Internal storage (GB) Battery voltage Maximum ascent speed (m/s) Operating frequency (GHz) Transmission frequency (GHz) Maximum descent speed (m/s) Range (km) Minimum aperture (f) Sensor size (") Number of USB A ports Maximum shutter speed Number of USB C ports Maximum range (km) Minimum operating temperature (°C) Camera? GPS? SD card slot? GLONASS? Folding? Retractable landing gear Barometer? Magnetometer? Form factor VR compatible Video format Battery type Angle style Motor Sensor type Flight control system Buy now
Item image Mavic Air 2 DJI 2020 [x] 0.57kg [x] Grey [x] 5000m [x] 3.5Ah [x] 7.7cm [x] 40°C [x] 34min [x] 34min [x] 18cm [x] 11.55V [x] 8.4cm [x] 8GB [x] 4m/s [x] 5.8GHz [x] / 2.4GHz [x] 5m/s [x] -10°C [x] Yes [x] Yes [x] No [x] No [x] Quadcopter [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image Mavic Mini DJI 2019 [x] Grey [x] 249g [x] 5.5cm [x] 13km/h [x] 30min [x] 14cm [x] 4m/s [x] 5.8GHz [x] / 2.4GHz [x] 3m/s [x] 0°C [x] Yes [x]
Item image D60 Potensic 2018 [x] 0.421kg [x] Grey [x] / White [x] 1800Ah [x] 40km/h [x] 20min [x] 14y [x] 0.3km [x] Yes [x] No [x]
Item image Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 DJI 2018 [x] 1.375kg [x] White [x] 6Ah [x] 100 [x] 72km/h [x] 40°C [x] 30min [x] 20MP [x] 6m/s [x] 4m/s [x] f2.8 [x] 1" [x] 0°C [x] Yes [x] No [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image X300C Simrex 2018 [x] Red [x] / Yellow [x] / White [x] / Blue [x] 240g [x] 60min [x] 14y [x] 0.03km [x] Yes [x] No [x] Yes [x] Quadcopter [x]
Item image Mavic 2 DJI 2018 [x] 28.4cm [x] Black [x] 90min [x] 28cm [x] 11.2cm [x] 31min [x] No [x] MP4 [x] / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265) [x]
Item image D58 Potensic 2018 [x] Black [x] 18min [x] 7.4 [x] Yes [x]
Item image Mavic Air DJI 2018 [x] 16.8cm [x] 0.14kg [x] Grey [x] 2.97Ah [x] 430g [x] 184cm [x] 64cm [x] 40°C [x] 16.8cm [x] 4.9cm [x] 8.3cm [x] 8GB [x] 4m/s [x] 5.8GHz [x] / 2.4GHz [x] 3m/s [x] 0°C [x] Yes [x] Yes [x] Quadcopter [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image HS170 Predator Holy Stone 2018 [x] 12cm [x] 12cm [x] 2.4GHz [x] No [x]
Item image Anafi Parrot 2018 [x] 29.6cm [x] 0.32kg [x] Grey [x] 90min [x] 20.2cm [x] 9cm [x] 69mm [x] 25min [x] 23mm [x] 4m/s [x] 4km [x] 1 [x] Yes [x] No [x] CMOS [x]
Item image Phantom 3 Professional DJI 2015 [x] 1.28kg [x] 35° [x] 2.4GHz [x] 1.2km [x] Yes [x]
Item image AR Drone 2.0 GPS Edition Parrot 2014 [x] 36min [x]
Item image Spreading Wings S1000 DJI 2014 [x] Octocopter [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image Anafi FPV Parrot 24.1cm [x] 0.315kg [x] Black [x] 4500m [x] 2.5Ah [x] 31.5cm [x] 6.4cm [x] 55km/h [x] 40°C [x] 26min [x] 26min [x] 21.8cm [x] 6.4cm [x] 6.9cm [x] 3.6 [x] 4km [x] 1 [x] 1 [x] -10°C [x] Yes [x] Yes [x] Yes [x] Quadcopter [x]
Item image D80 Potensic
Item image AGRAS MG DJI
Item image U51 Potensic
Item image Disco Adventurer Parrot
Item image Spreading Wings S900 DJI Hexacopter [x]
Item image Phantom 2 DJI
Item image Mambo FPV Parrot
Item image T35 Potensic
Item image T25 Potensic 1Ah [x] 9 [x] 3.7 [x]
Item image AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition Parrot
Item image Phantom 4 Advanced DJI
Item image H501S Hubsan Black [x] 210min [x] 20min [x]
Item image Matrice 200 Series V2 DJI
Item image Mavic Pro Platinum DJI
Item image Phantom 3 4K DJI
Item image Anafi Thermal Parrot
Item image Bebop 2 Power FPV Parrot
Item image Inspire 1 Pro DJI
Item image HS100G Holy Stone 0.925Wh [x] 50cm [x] 0.7kg [x] 0.25Ah [x] 8.7g [x] 50min [x] 50cm [x] 17.5cm [x] 15min [x] 3.7V [x] 2.4GHz [x] 0.5km [x] Yes [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image Phantom 2 Vision DJI
Item image T10 GoolRC
Item image D18 Potensic
Item image T35 with 1080p Camera Potensic
Item image Inspire 2 DJI 300°/s [x] 150°/s [x] DJI 3512 [x]
Item image Spark DJI 300g [x] 16min [x]
Item image HS270 Holy Stone
Item image T18 Potensic
Item image Mambo Fly Parrot
Item image HS165 Holy Stone
Item image HS120D Holy Stone
Item image HS700D Holy Stone 21.99cm [x] 0.608kg [x] Black [x] 2.8Ah [x] 420min [x] 21.99cm [x] 15.49cm [x] 22min [x] 2.4GHz [x] 1km [x] / 0.39km [x]
Item image Mavic Pro DJI
Item image Phantom 4 DJI
Item image X5C GoolRC
Item image Bebop 2 FPV Parrot
Item image Matrice 100 DJI
Item image Bebop 2 Parrot 0.3km [x] Quadcopter [x] Fisheye [x]
Item image U47 Potensic
Item image HS110G Holy Stone
Item image HS720 Holy Stone
Item image H1 Hasakee Yellow [x] 50min [x] 6min [x] 0.05km [x]
Item image U42 Potensic
Item image Phantom Drone DJI
Item image G90 Pro GoolRC 0.043kg [x] 14y [x]
Item image Disco FPV Skycontroller 2 Parrot
Item image T8C GoolRC
Item image AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Parrot 0.38kg [x] Sand [x] 100m [x] 120min [x] 50cm [x] 10.1cm [x] 50cm [x] 18min [x] Yes [x] Quadcopter [x]
Item image Disco Parrot 58cm [x] 0.75kg [x] 115cm [x] 120cm [x] Yes [x] Plane [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image Matrice 600 Pro DJI 99.9Wh [x] 9.5kg [x] 1550g [x] 595g [x] 92min [x] 65km/h [x] 35min [x] 5m/s [x] 3m/s [x] Yes [x] / Standard [x] Hexacopter [x] Lithium-polymer [x] DJI 6010 [x] A3 Pro [x]
Item image Matrice 600 DJI
Item image T5W GoolRC
Item image D88 Potensic
Item image Phantom 2 Vision DJI
Item image Phantom 4 Pro DJI 1.388kg [x] White [x]
Item image D-RTK 2 DJI
Item image Phantom 3 Advanced DJI
Item image Inspire 1 DJI
Item image T5G GoolRC Red [x] / Blue [x] 70min [x] 4min [x] 7y [x]
Item image A30W Potensic
Item image HS100 Holy Stone 50cm [x] 0.7kg [x] Black [x] / Red [x] 0.25Ah [x] 700g [x] 180min [x] 50cm [x] 17.5cm [x] 15min [x] 3.7V [x] 2.4GHz [x] 2.4GHz [x] 0.5km [x] Yes [x] No [x] Quadcopter [x] Lithium-polymer [x]
Item image Phantom 3 Standard DJI
Item image Agras T16 DJI Hexacopter [x]
Item image Phantom 3 SE DJI
Item image A20W Potensic
Item image D85 Potensic
Item image HS700 Holy Stone 20min [x]