Compare Parrot Anafi FPV vs. Potensic D88

This is a side-by-side comparison of the specs of the Anafi FPV vs. the D88. Differences are highlighted in yellow.
Item Anafi FPV D88
Item image Item image
Length 24.1cm [x]
Weight 0.315kg [x]
Colour Black [x]
Maximum working altitude 4500m [x]
Maximum horizontal speed 55km/h [x]
Maximum operating temperature 40°C [x]
Width 31.5cm [x]
Maximum flight time 26min [x]
Flying time 26min [x]
Folded length 21.8cm [x]
Folded width 6.9cm [x]
Height 6.4cm [x]
Folded height 6.4cm [x]
Range 4km [x]
Battery voltage 3.6 [x]
Battery charge 2.5Ah [x]
Number of USB A ports 1 [x]
Number of USB C ports 1 [x]
Minimum operating temperature -10°C [x]
Barometer? Yes [x]
Magnetometer? Yes [x]
GLONASS? Yes [x]
Form factor Quadcopter [x]
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