Compare Logitech C270 vs. Logitech C922

This is a side-by-side comparison of the specs of the C270 vs. the C922. Differences are highlighted in yellow.
Item C270 C922
Item image Item image
Resolution class 1080p (Full HD; vertical resolution of 1,080 pixels) [x]
Weight 0.162kg [x]
Maximum video resolution 1080p [x]
Video resolution 1080p [x] / 720p [x]
Diagonal field of view 78° [x]
Framerate 60FPS [x] / 30FPS [x]
Width 9.5cm [x]
Depth 7.1cm [x]
Height 4.4cm [x]
Warranty 2y [x]
Cable length 1.5m [x] 1.5m [x]
Resolution 1.2MP [x]
Mounting clip? Yes [x]
Tripod mount? Yes [x]
Native webcam? Yes [x]
Connection type USB-A [x]
Physical privacy shutter? No [x]
Lens material Glass [x]
Focus mode Autofocus [x]
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