Compare Apple iPhone SE (2nd generation) vs. Apple iPhone XR

This is a side-by-side comparison of the specs of the iPhone SE (2nd generation) vs. the iPhone XR. Differences are highlighted in yellow.
Item iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPhone XR
Item image Item image
Screen size 4.7" [x] 6.1" [x]
Maximum aperture f1.8 [x] f1.8 [x]
CPU A13 [x]
Screen brightness 625nt [x]
Weight 0.148kg [x]
Resolution width 1334px [x]
Resolution height 750px [x]
Colour Red [x] / White [x] / Black [x]
Screen type IPS [x]
Pixel density 326ppi [x]
Internal storage 256GB [x] / 128GB [x] / 64GB [x] / 128GB [x] / 64GB [x]
Height 13.84cm [x]
Width 6.73cm [x]
Depth 0.73cm [x]
Passive NFC? Yes [x]
Apple Pay? Yes [x]
eSIM? Yes [x]
Compass? Yes [x]
GPS? Yes [x] Yes [x]
Touch ID? Yes [x]
NFC? Yes [x] Yes [x]
Physical home button? No [x]
SIM size Nano [x]
Newest compatible operating system Latest [x]
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