Compare Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Apple iPhone 4

This is a side-by-side comparison of the specs of the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. the iPhone 4. Differences are highlighted in yellow.
Item iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 4
Item image Item image
Screen size 6.5" [x] 3.5" [x]
Maximum aperture f2.4 [x]
CPU A13 [x]
Screen brightness 800nt [x]
Weight 0.226kg [x]
Resolution width 2688px [x]
Resolution height 1242px [x]
Colour Gold [x] / Space gray [x] / Silver [x] / Midnight green [x]
Screen type OLED [x]
Internal storage 64GB [x] / 128GB [x] / 256GB [x] / 512GB [x]
Pixel density 458ppi [x]
Height 15.8cm [x]
Width 7.78cm [x]
Number of rear camera lenses 3 [x]
Depth 0.81cm [x]
NFC? Yes [x] No [x]
GPS? Yes [x] Yes [x]
Face ID? Yes [x]
eSIM? Yes [x]
Apple Pay? Yes [x]
Passive NFC? Yes [x]
Compass? Yes [x]
Physical home button? No [x]
Touch ID? No [x]
SIM size Nano [x]
Newest compatible operating system Latest [x]
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